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The RuffRuff Company

Natural Healthy Dog Treats for your pets

Please note: we do not accept online payments. 
An invoice will be emailed to you upon completion of order with banking details. 
This helps us keep our prices as low as possible.
Thank you 

The RuffRuff Company

The RuffRuff Company offers natural healthy dog treats.  We believe giving your dogs natural healthy treats made only in NZ is the only way to go. 

Canine dental health is important at The RuffRuff Company so a lot of our chews are focused on removing tartar also to keep chewy dogs occupied. 

Our treats are suitable for all aged dogs from puppies to elderly dogs with no teeth!  No dog needs to miss out.

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The RuffRuff Company

I want all dogs to have the best treats available with no hidden nasties in them.
I started this business when my dog Braxton became very sick with pancreatitis. I was investigating what was in the mass produced treats I was giving him and I was horrified.
That is how The RuffRuff Company was born! Everything I sell is naturally dried with no additives or preservatives"

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 

- Roger Caras -

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